Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kiss Your Elbow Polish - Candyman

I have a habit of obsessing about things and one of my most long lived obsession is polishes. I fell in love with Candyman the moment I saw it and you know, we never looked back! ;) You definitely have to admire the cute bow.

Candyman is a multi-coloured chunky glitter of various shapes and it will make  every polish look interesting. You can definitely use the polish on its own but I prefer layering it over some colour which makes it pop.  
I wore it over Viviana  Snow White for Christmas and it looked very apt and I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments I received. (Noteworthy- Some were from guys.). This polish also makes it look like birthday...don't ask why.

Price: USD 8.50 for a 15ml bottle. (You can buy it Here)

Below: 1 coat of Candyman over Viviana Snow White

Kiss Your Elbow Polishes are made by Cassidy who happens to be one very sweet lady. She has her own Etsy shop and all her polishes are obviously hand-made. All Kiss Your Elbow polishes are 3-Free. Check their Facebook page.

Below: Candyman over Maybelline Turquoise Lagoon

With Flash

What's with the name?
Well, it is a quote from Breakfast at Tiffany's as far as I know.

*Sent with love. You cannot deny the beauty though!