Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Circular Insanity's Electrifying Eye Makeup And Pick Your L'Oreal Ambassador Contest!!

As you already know, L'Oreal Paris is coming up with L'Or Electric  collection  to celebrate 15 years of association with Cannes Film Festival and they were nice enough to sponsor this contest for my readers.

Unlike the previous giveaways, which were random.org and luck driven, this one will be based on how creative you are!
 Instead of asking just one thing to do, there will be 2 different options and you are allowed to enter both of them.

I will be using rafflecopter ONLY to store the answers and other information. The winners picked won't be random.(Everybody who wanted to kill me after not winning the Bootie Babe Giveaway, I hope you won't mind my being alive anymore!)

 Open for Indian residents or people who can provide an Indian postal address.

Guys can enter too!! And, win the goodies for you wife, sister or mother, I am sure they will be delighted!

Contest #1 Eye Make Up Contest

The theme of your make up has to be 'Electric'. You can take an inspiration from the post I did about the L'Or Electric collectiton, it could be the colour scheme or anything else. Now, the picture has to be clear and it can be one eye, both or the whole face, it is up to you.
You need to watermark the images with Circular Insanity. (and save me some trouble please?)

Things You need to do:
  • Send me 2 or more clear pictures watermarked with "Circular Insanity".
  • A small write-up about what inspired the look.
  • List of products used.(Optional but it will help others in figuring things out, so do it for a noble cause?)
  • You also need to publish a post with what you have done  with a link to this post if you are a bloggerIf you are not a blogger, you need to post a status on Facebook and/or Twitter with any one image of the makeup you have done and tag me.  On Facebook  Tag:  @Circular Insanity   On Twitter Tag: @Incircular . 
 Send the write up and pictures as an attachment to  : circular.insanity(at)gmail.com

The winner of this contest will be decided on the basis of number of likes that your picture gets on Circular Insanity's Page. But, I do reserve the right to short-list the entries.

Vote For the Entries HERE

Prize: 1 Winner gets goodies from L'Oreal Paris.
* More than one make up entry is allowed BUT the looks have to different.And, if you have entered the same look somewhere else, you are not allowed to use it here. It has to be *for* this contest.

Contest # 2

Answer one  of the two questions: ( You need to write the answer in Rafflecopter form and not in comments)

Ques 1: Which L'Oreal Paris Ambassador has a style very similar to your own and why?


Ques 2: Which L'oreal Paris Ambassador has the most " Electrifying Presence" according to you and why?

After the stipulated time, I will post the answers on the FB page and the winner will be chosen based on likes.

 Prize: 1 Winner gets goodies from L'Oreal Paris.

 * You can answer both the questions, they will be treated as 2 entries BUT you cannot answer the same question again.However, you can add to the answer. Please mention, if you  are adding to the answer when you fill the form. If you don't mention it, I won't count it.Adding to the answer won't be counted as another entry which means, you get only one entry per answer regardless of how long or short it is.

Total Number of Winners:  3 

The third winner will be chosen by me, just so that somebody who did deserve to win(according to me), doesn't end up empty handed.  

 Here are some of the pictures of the L'Oreal Paris Ambassadors and their look break down:
( Click on the image to view the larger image)