Friday, April 06, 2012

Stamping With Konad Image Plate m 70 and Revlon Silver Screen!

I have been working on my stamping as well as looking for polishes which stamp well AND are available in India. Konad is great but  carrying a bunch of special polishes only for stamping is tedious.Anyway, so I have been trying a lot of polishes and a lot of nail polishes work with the bigger designs, it is the smaller designs which refuse to work with the Indian polishes.

I have stamped with Revlon Silver Screen that I bought as a trio on Lakme True Wear Mauve 421.

Without Flash.Artificial Light

 I applied top coat without taking pictures and then it just became difficult to capture the design. The same design has been stamped at different angles.

Also, I tried cleaning up but the lakme brush is nothing less than a sprinkler, I tell you!

With Flash.

I think the stamping came out quite clean(in person, it did even if the picture doesn't give you right picture).

P.S.-ignore the picture quality, will you?