Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Online Shopping Experience With Asos

I was pleased and shocked when I received my order from in a record time of 5 days. I was very impressed  with the variety and the service. I even went through a phase where I would go and browse the site and put everything I liked on 'save it for later'. However, my dwindling finances ensured that later doesn't come! It still has not.(Have I started sounding like somebody entitled to promissory notes? I used to get them a lot in "The Game of Life" which I loved,  the game I mean.)

They have so much on sale and so much variety. Believe it or not, they even have things like tights, dresses, shoes  at a much more reasonable rate than India!

Payment Options: Via PayPal, Visa, Master Card or Am Ex cards.

Shipping:  Free, Worldwide.
After Placing the Order: I got one mail confirming my order and another one when my order was dispatched.

What I loved:  Variety, service but you know, instead of bubble wrap, my package had been secured by a string of inflated biodegradable packets. How cool is that! (Indian shopping sites need to take a notes, I am fed up of the huge amount of bubble wrap that I find in my every order)

Note: After a certain amount, you will end up paying custom duty on your orders. Now, my little research ended up with figures which varied, minimum being 10,000 INR(This means , if the total order value is above 10,000 then you will end up paying custom duty. However, I am not sure about this limit because I came across various limits, ranging from 10,000 INR to  25,000 INR). So, just to be safe, keep your orders small and you can always place multiple orders.

Here is what I got:

The box was so big in size that even my neighbours wanted to know what was in it!

I didn't have to run for my cutter to open this box(I still had them ready is another thing!)


What I bought:
  •  Two sets of Refresh the parts Kit (One of which has been sent to Megha, the girl who won the giveaway)
  • Asos and Anatomicals  Body Lotion and Scrub
  • Two pair of tights. (They costed less than the ones we get in India)
  • A pair of Tassel Boots ( They were the main reason behind the big box!)