Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Am I Broke: Some Random Shopping

What do you do when you're feeling lazy and you still want to write a blog post? You write a haul post, obviously! So, here it is...I bought these things without actually planning to and I have more hauls lined up for the days I feel lazy again;)

I was not even looking for any nail polishes but when I saw these on offer, I had to buy them. The man at the counter told me that people usually don't sell these as a set but they take them out and sell all three individually.Hmmm, I am inclined to believe him. (I bought this from some shop on MG Road,Pune)

 3 colours that I can actually use, right? Sadly, not many choices were available in these sets.

United Colors of Benetton- Hot EDT
Retails online(India) at Violetbag for 1000 INR (20 USD approx)
However, I paid less than that!

Essential Oils From Soulflower - Tea Tree and Lavender (Will Review them soon.)
I bought these for 170 INR each ( approx 3.50 USD) from Fashion And You(India)  and tea tree oil leaked before reaching me but since it was not much, I didn't complain but it is still *very annoying*.
They retail on a regular basis at StyleCraze (another site which ships only in India) for 237 INR (4.50 USD) each.

They can also be bought from Soulflower's  official website except I have no idea if they do or do not ship internationally.