Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bootie Babe Nail Polish In Purp Slurp - Review & Swatch

Purple is my favourite colour.I have bought everything in purple thanks to this addiction. I also have two suede purple shoes which you have not seen yet. Purp Slurp is well, a purple coloured creme. I am going through a creme phase, I seem to be buying a lot of cremes and only cremes.

Price: USD 4 for the 9.17 ml bottles
The new  15ml bottles with longer cap and improved design that will become available after some time.

Artificial Light.No flash.

Ingredients: Click Here.
Buy it From : Online Bootie Babe Shop  They ship internationally at very reasonable rates.
( Find the Shopping and shipping details here)
I have already taken the pictures of the shade in different lights.

Artificial Light.No flash.

Application: Out of the four Bootie Babe nail Polishes, this  was the most uneven but the coverage was good. 2 coats will do.This shade was also the least glossy. Rest of the shades that I have don't need a top coat but this one does.(And it is not like I slept with the paint wet and woke up with pillow-case manicure, it just didn't dry glossy and yes, I did wait for it to dry up)

Detailed review of the polishes here.

Sunlight Only.