Friday, March 02, 2012

Bootie Babe Nail Polish in Electric Lemon - Review & Swatch

When I got the Bootie Babe package, I wanted to try Electric Lemon first due to my affinity for the word electric. Now, this is the colour you should be wearing on your nails if you want your guy to notice your nails. I think the blindest of the boyfriends/husbands will react to this shade! This is the thing you should be wearing to prove all those "Oh! but I don't notice such things, you know that darling"'s wrong. There are a lot of people who have qualms about some shades not looking good on them, I am not one of them.A lipstick might wash you out but nail polishes just do two things: They either look good on you or They look absolutely fabulous on you;)

Electric Lemon is a neon creme. It is  a bit sheer and it will take you 3 coats for a decent coverage.The good thing is that it dries quickly even after layering. Also, unlike the cremes which are uneven when you apply the first layer, this one applies evenly.

No flash.Artificial light.

Price: 4 USD for 9.17ml
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Natural Light.No Flash.
  • Dries up quickly.
  • 3-free.
  • Funky bottles.
  • Applies evenly.
  • The cap is a bit small for my large hands so it sort of keeps slipping.
  • The brush could've been better and smoother.
(Update, they'll be coming up with standard sized caps with the standard brush.As a company, they sure listen to their customers!)
One shot from distance:P