Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bootie Babe Cosmetics : Company, What I Got, International Shipping and More

Bootie Babe cosmetics is a company founded by Mark O'Hara  who worked for Macromedia  after graduating from college and then he moved on to opening his own digital design house. Then, in 1995, he formed a 15-piece funk dance band called SuperBooty, hence, the name of the cosmetic company.

The sticker!

What drew my attention to these bottles was that they were.....well, bootie-shaped, obviously!

 The Cutie Bootie collection has 12 vibrant cremes which are 3 Free ( Toluene, DBP and Fomaldehyde) and cruelty-free. In India, people usually don't bother about these things but if you want your nails to stay healthy, you should!!


Shipping:Internationally and even the rates are reasonable. You can check the rates here.

Payment Options: Visa, mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal.
They also offer gift certificates in various denominations and you can choose if you want them to be mailed today or some date in the future. I sure won't mind getting them on my birthday:P

Price: USD 9 for 9.17 ml (Honestly, when I saw the bottle's size, I didn't expect it to hold so much polish, but of course, I was pleasantly surprised!) You also get a special deal if you buy all 12!


Outer boxes with the ingredients, quantity details.

Service:  People are not comfortable while shopping from another continent.But in this case, I don't think you'll have any problem because the response was so quick that I had to go Wow! BTW, do keep in mind that the time difference factor.(For me, this was not an issue because even though I live in India, my body clock pretty much works on foreign time zone!)

 Package: Everything came inside an envelope which was lined with bubble wrap and nothing was damaged. The bottles were packed inside small individual boxes which carried their name, quantity, ingredient list, etc.

Application & First Impression:
All the four shades were easy to apply and dried up quickly. However, the degree of coverage varied. All in all, I would definitely say they're worth the 4 USD. 
I will swatch the shades separately since it took me quite some time to click an image which would look just like the real colour!

without flash.natural light.

With flash.