Saturday, March 03, 2012

Jodi Breakers, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya And Others - Movie Review

I saw both the movies last weekend when they released. This is meant to help you out choosing the lesser of two evils;)

Jodi Breakers(2012):

The movie starts with our dear Madhavan talking about how he's been left without a house, his car and his watch, among other things to get back his beloved freedom.Well, he just got divorced. The story is about his meeting up with  Bipasha and making a business out of getting people a hassle free divorce and his eventually messing up before realising he loves Bipasha.

While buying the ticket, I commented  200 bucks to watch this, beat that! The guy at the counter said , it is good. After the movie, I felt like calling that guy names. So, much for sadistic pleasure! Movie has Madhavan acting like a dude except he doesn't look the all! The beard was supposed to cover the double chin but instead it was sort of acting like an arrow pointing towards the double chin. (I used to like him back in his serial/RHTDM days). The movie was kind of funny in places. Also, with the exception of movies like Dhamaal, I've realised, I can sit through anything!

There is Milind Soman looking his usual hot self but the tan looked fake in a lottt of places and there's Dipannita Sharma looking at places like a yesteryear actress specially with those hair-dos. I liked them!


Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012):

The first half of the movie was somehow managed just so that they could get to the second part. The movie starts with Riteish Deshmukh working as an auto-rickshaw driver and how he dreams of owning a travel agency and Genelia trying to tell punjabi mundas how it is Can-ada and not Kan-nedda. You can read rest of the plot at Wikipedia. The movie is more about Genelia than Riteish and there were people laughing around me which made me wonder if they find the movie funny or the situation that they had actually paid to watch this funny. Hmm.Maybe they were determined to laugh now they'd paid for the tickets and for pop corn and soda as well.

I cannot make fun of this movie because I don't really remember much.However, the kurtas that Riteish wore while driving an auto are the ones that truck driver wear.The stylist never used an auto, it seems.
There weren't really a lot of clothes to see since, Genelia dressed up as a gaon ki chorri in later part of the movie!

Rating:2.1/5( I have been told I am saying Tere naal is better than Jodi Breakers just because I paid for the ticket, which is not the case!)

Some movies worth watching:
  • Money Ball Based on real life story about base ball. I don't play and I am definitely not a fan but yes, I do know what a base is,what strikes are, what's a pitch, etc. I still liked it and Brad Pitt did not look like an eye candy but it was still a good movie.
  •  Ghost Rider 3D You don't need to know what happened in the Ghost Rider movie made before this. This one  is 3D and quite fun. You'll like it more if you like comics.Go marvel!
  • Safe House Spy thriller which you'll like if you're a sucker for CIA,MI6 dramas(I love them!) Also, Ryan Reynold's good looks help but most of the movie has been splattered with blood so you won't see his face often!