Monday, March 12, 2012

Bootie Babe Nail Polish in Bossy Mossy - Review and Swatch

Final instalment of the Bootie Babe nail polishes. This is a green colour as if the name Bossy Mossy was not enough of an indication in itself.

The camera's battery was dead at the time so, the pictures have been taken with my cell phone and because the colour that showed up in the picture was exact, I have not bothered with clicking more pictures. (This doesn't really look like a 5mpx camera, does it? hmmmph. OH! I didn't change the settings :O)

And, I was told my hands look like parrot. I 'd only like to point out that parrot's feet are brown and not green!

Price: USD 4 for the 9.17 ml bottles
 The new  15ml bottles with longer cap and improved design that will become available after some time.

Btw, Bootie Babe has also launched perfumes and yes, they have a similar packaging. Check them out here!

  Detailed Review: Click here

Both Pictures taken in artificial light and no flash.