Friday, February 10, 2012

Online Shopping With Goodlife.Com/ FirstCry.Com - Review & What I Bought

I have not been posting much because my laptop has suddenly decided that it has had enough of me and has refused to undergo any more torture.On top of that I suddenly decided that I needed to upgrade everything possible, talk about madness huh?!But it is my duty to tell show you what I bought(I think you people have more idea about how much I spend than *all * my family put together!)

Now, and are two sister sites having the same checkout, which basically means buy your kids some toys and buy yourself some makeup and tell your husband only about the toys;) I'm just saying.......Seriously, this Firstcry is the first online store catering to the needs of would-be Moms, maternity clothing and kids.
Btw, they are based in Pune, Maharashtra( Zee and Parul are you people listening?).

My Experience:
The site does take a little time to load and in an attempt to categorize everything, the site has actually become a bit chaotic.So, it will take you a little time to locate the brand you're looking for but they do have a lot of variety.They also let you create combos  which has a comparatively higher discount.They have some very cost effective gift hamper option for both him and her, specially for Valentine's day.They claim to dispatch within 24 hours and met the claim in my case. Although, the package was delivered to me a after 3-4 days but that was thanks to the courier company!

Shipping & Payment options:No minimum order amount.Whatever you buy, they'll ship it for free. You can pay using credit card, debit card, net banking or COD.

Why Shop From Them:
  • No minimum limit to become eligible for free shipping.
  • They claim to cover all the charges and/or taxes that might be required to deliver you your package.
  • Lots of variety.
  • Dispatch within 24 hours of placing the order.
  • Option to create your own combos for greater discount.

Why Avoid Them:
  • No reasons.I didn't have any problem or issues.My sister shopped from First Cry and she had no issues as well!

Will I Shop From GoodLife/FirstCry again? Certainly, the L'oreal serum I bought had maximum discount on goodlife!