Thursday, February 09, 2012

Techno Thursday: How to Add " You Might Also Like" At The End of Your Post

You know, I wanted to do the technical tutorial post on Thursday or Tuesday just so I could rhyme it with techno! Since, being lame is not criminal yet, you can do nothing about this as well ;)
Btw, this post is dedicated to Kejal since I remember her asking for this tutorial specifically.

Now, coming back to the topic, you might have noticed a number of pictures/text links under the head "You May Also Like" or "Some Other Posts You May Like" or " You Might Also Like". The widget is called LinkWithin as many of you already know.

Platforms it mainly supports are: Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress
However, you can also get the link for other platforms like tumblr but it will need a bit more work.

How to Add LinkWithin:
  • Go to this link.
  • You'll find a form at the bottom right, enter your email(they won't send you spam so don't worry).
  • Enter your blog's link. (It will be something like " Http://, or if you own the domain name than I guess you have already figured this one out!)
  • Choose your platform from the drop-down list.
  • Finally, in width, you need to choose the number of stories you want the widget to show at the bottom of your post i.e. 3,4 or 5. Pick the number depending on the width of your blog post. The wider your blog post is, the more number of posts it will accommodate. However, you can still choose 5 as your width even if the actual width is not much, it will just appear in two levels or maybe even 3.(I just feel only a single line of post links looks cleaner but you are free to decide on your own)
Please Note:There is a check box which needs to be ticked if the background colour of your blog is black or any other dark colour and the text colour is light.

Click on "Get Widget" and you will be redirected to this page if you're on Blogger and to this page if you're on Wordpress.

Install Widget on Blogger

1. Click Install Widget to open Blogger in a new window, and follow the steps below in that window. Login to your Blogger account if necessary.
2. Select a blog if you have more than one, then click on Add Widget.

3. (Optional) For better performance, Drag and Drop the LinkWithin box under the "Blog Posts" box.

4. Click on Save.

Now, the images you see are of the old blogger dashboard because that is where Link Within redirects but don't worry, it doesn't change the settings and once you click on save, you will be back to using the new white background dashboard.

Note:If you've already tried adding this widget once and it didn't work out, you need to remove that widget before trying again.

Disclaimer:Some images and text has been taken from Linkwithin.