Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shoes of the Day: Black Satin Ballet Flats!

I haven't done any shoe post in quite some time because I wanted some suitable time gap to elapse between two posts (so, that I don't come across as a nut case who's shoe obsessed, which ahem! I am, but who said you have to say it out loud?!)
I have developed some kind of obsession with ballet flats! Never before did I feel so compelled towards flats; heels held all my attention but now that I have to walk a lot and my abused used nude ballerinas from Khadim had given up on me; I really needed a new pair.

Let me be honest, I fell in love with the red variation of these satin flats but they were not available in my size so, I ended up buying this and as they say, life goes on.....

With Flash

Without Flash

Any guesses regarding the price????