Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Write For Me???

Actually, you'll be writing for the blog and not for me! If you want to review a product(that has not already been reviewed!), do a tutorial( nails, eyes, food or anything else except things like How to waste time efficiently and all that because I will be doing those:P) or just want to show us your haul so we can all  admire it/be jealous of it.......send me your write up at  circular(dot)insanity (at)

What'll you get in return?
Ummm...our love? On a serious note, there won't be any financial compensation( as of now,  since I am broke big time!). If you own a blog, then I'll provide some link love and you can judge the traffic I get by the number of hits on the counter and then make up your mind?

If you don't own a blog, then you'll be getting 5 entries per post for my next giveaway and lot's of love and some new friends, of course!

If you're an oriflame,avon,amway consultant, your post will carry your details like city, email,etc so people know they've to come to you in times of need!

The conditions for the article:
  1.   If you're reviewing a product, you need at least 3 original  clear pictures and minimum 200 words and maximum 400. If you're doing a picture tutorial then there's no word limit.Please note that tutorials should be easy to understand and reviews should be written in a Pro-Cons or Positive- Negative format.
  2. Informative posts are also welcome, DIY, food or even travel guides but the content should be original.
  3. The article should be sent in an MS Word file and the pictures should be attached separately.


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  1. I can't seem to comment on some of your posts:(. Is it cause uv disabled comment section?


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