Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Black Leather Clutch Wallet From Mochi

I have a pink and white coloured wallet with a silver butterfly which according to me is cute! Lately, it has been drawing some stares(which I don't mind) but when people near you start behaving all ," Oh! I won't be found dead near you if you're going to carry that!", you need alternatives(Also, read as you just need to shop).

Anyway, I still love my old wallet but it is a wallet so I need to carry the phone separately and I am not always in the mood to get a bag since carrying a bag is troublesome, so I had been in search of a clutch(I don't like those cross-over ones at all, on my frame, they look ummm...bad would be a mild way to put it!). My search ended when I was buying those Black kitten Heels in Denim and my eyes met the most wonderful site ever(talk about exaggerating:P) , in the display next to the billing counter sat a clutch wallet, which not only looked good on its own, it was elegant and could house my keys, cell phone, cards and my other cell phone and some money!AND, I have a bag to go with it(Can't show you the bag right now since its back home and I was far far away from Blog-land when I bought it so was not habituated to clicking pictures of everything that I boughtXD)

I personally don't like the smaller pocket that they have on the outside for cell phone because it sort of ruins the beauty of the bag but this one would serve the purpose for me and the material was really good.

How much would you pay for this?

On my thumb: Maybelline Colorama Graus +Revlon Slippers.