Thursday, January 05, 2012

FYI: Online Shopping And Taxes!

Umm, I wasn't planing to do a post today but...oh! well.....

This post is for people who live in Maharastra or Gujrat or  any other state which levies taxes on goods coming from other states! (I bet some of you didn't even know such a thing existed!) Anyway, I sort of wanted to tell and ask at the same time.
I have recently moved to Maharashtra,which is nice but now, even I have to pay that tax(Octroi, its called!) which is NOT AT ALL NICE!!!!!!

So, I have shopped online but as most of the stores operate out of Hyderabad, New Delhi and Banglore, all the orders are out of state goods,hence subjected to tax.

Some sites are nice enough to pay the tax but the delivery man might just ask you for the same because the sites pay the tax at the courier's office in their  city and it doesn't get updated in the system *at times*. Some sites, don't bother to pay the tax nor do they bother about telling you that if you shop from them, the discount will be rendered useless!

Why am I telling you all this? Because the discount I got just went whooshing into tax:( 

Sites which don't make you pay the tax:
(I have not shopped much because I am trying to control my finances*ha ha*)
  • Fahion And You (Surprise, Surprise! They are usually associated with messing it up but this time they've nailed it!)
  • (Now, the first time the package came, the fellow did ask for tax but then I mailed them and got a response in 5 minutes; they pay the tax  @ Banglore, but it doesn't show up on record of Blue Dart at times.So, if you've a problem, contact them and they'll sort it out for you!)
  • StyleCraze (I asked them if they take care of the taxes and all, and they do!) 
  • Healthkart(Nice bunch of people, I tell you, I asked them to not stick the invoice in a way which covers all of the box and they didn't! + No extra taxes!)
  • Asos (In case of Asos, it was custom duty as well but I had to pay none of it! Yay! But do keep the bill amount low, will ya? Otherwise there is no saving you.) 
  • Good life/First Cry It's mentioned on their shipping policy page that they do not charge!

Sites which don't pay the tax:
  • Snap It Today(No more shopping from here, for me at least! The customer service people are nice but still paying the money you saved in discounts as taxes is stupid!)
  • (They had those cheap prices going for them but now, they won't have my contribution to their revenues, at least. They don't take care of Octroi, you'll have to pay!)
  • Naap Tol (I have not shopped from here *ever* but the delivery guy was telling me these people never pay for the tax and one man, who had to pay an Octroi for 15 bucks, actually ended up wasting 1 hour on the phone with them only to be told that they have not bothered about paying the taxes.)

***Do tell me if there are some additions to the list!
No more shopping for me, since I am already on a no-buy and my best friend thinks I won't last 15 days but I tell you, I will at least make it to the 16th day:P.