Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jute Slippers!

Yes.Well.Another Shoe post! Technically, these are slippers. I got these from an exhibition mainly for winter(This is my way of supporting arts & crafts!). Now,I won't call these cute but they're definitely *practical* and *warm*. In fact, I would place them only next to real fur slippers in terms of coziness( The thought of shaved off animal hair kind of freaks me out!).

I was so happy with them that I bought them in possible combination(so, much for saving money, huh?)

 These came with a rubber sole (about 0.75 inch thick) and an inside lining of some funny kind of material which does resemble rubber but I can't be sure.

Jute is of the finer quality so it won't be uncomfortable.

 About the next picture, trust me, I can take better pictures, just give me a SLR;-)
(Sorry about the shadows though but I had no other picture which had the 'sole' in it!)