Friday, October 07, 2011

Must-Have Shoes For Winters

I have always been a little more inclined towards buying shoes. You see, unlike clothes, your shoes never make you feel bad about gorging on junk food for the past week. They are just like your soul mate, except better, because they don’t ever talk back. Here are few of my suggestions that will see you through the winters-

  • Black Pumps- Because they go with everything! They have to be comfortable, round or semi-rounded toes. You can also opt for open or peep-toes with square heel of a comfortable height or kitten heels. With these, you won’t ever look out of place anywhere. They’ll even save you from cracked heels.

                                         Figure 1Yabbie From Carlton London Rs. 1995

  • Nude/Red Flats- Red makes your feet look great but nudes will go with everything you might want to wear. Buy something which has a cushioned sole for comfort. Bows?Flowers?Crystals? Take your pick. You can buy them in any shade that you fancy like maroons, grays or blues but they will limit your choices.

                                     Figure 2 Bea from Hush Puppies - $100

  • Metallic Sandals- To team up with your dress, saree or whatever it is that you want to wear. They can be sequined or trimmed with satin in golden, silver or bronze shade. If you can find it, buy something with all the shades put together.

From Nine West Cost- $89

                                          Figure 3 Mahina Carlton London- Rs 3495

  • Boots- They can be ankle length or knee length or hip- length. They save your feet from the cold and you can wear them in the day or at night. One downside? They won’t go with everything. Depending on your preference, you can buy the heels, wedges or flats variations.

                                     Figure 4 AS MOTO BOOTS From Hush Puppies - $350

  • Sneakers/Slip-ons- They have to be in some bright colour to make the dull winters appear brighter. They will keep the cold away, are comfortable and trendy.

From Skechers- $  49

From Nine West - Cost- $69