Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why you *shouldn't* develop a short-term memory?

After Why you should develop a short-term memory , I just feel it my duty to tell you about the downside of having a short-term memory. They say, "Life is not a bed of roses". Alas! It is not which is why you need to know why you shouldn't develop a short-term memory.(Note-If you have a clinical problem, there is nothing in the following text that will be of any use to you.)

Here are some of the adverse effects or consequences of short-term memory:-

  • If you have friends like I do and yes, I do have friends, they will quote you back on things that you genuinely, truly, honestly didn't say or so you think.But, you cannot deny or at the very least, you won't be believed because you did claim you didn't have a very good memory, Remember?REMEMBER??
  • You know you said the right thing and you know you said it long long back but you just don't remember whom did you say it to or if you even said it.
  • When there  is a quoting-the-things-that-you-said-wrong war, you just won't be able to remember enough to "quote" back.What's more? You remember the part about there making as many mistakes as you but you just can't recall what in the name of god was it!
  • It is nice to remember the details of the good times that you have had, at least sometimes.
  •  If your friends are having an argument, you won't ever be called upon to support/deny any of the things 'they' are claiming.Now, this can be good if you don't like fights and arguments.I absolutely love them, especially when they do not involve you in first person.
  • You will lose your credibility, but that's very relative.Credibility  can be a very bad thing, you're expected to be right factually, ethically and/or morally  all the time.