Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Things to Remember While Packing.....

Source:Google. I don't own the image and I am too tired to look for the owner but I like you anyway!
 List of things you should keep in mind while packing:

  • Pack shoes for every occasion. For example:- Heels you can wear to work, wedges that you  can wear to work when your feet is too swollen to get into those heels, flats for the days when both the wedges and the heels don’t ‘go’ with your outfit, etc.
  • When you mom tells you about how one should always carry an extra bag; take full liberty while interpreting the “extra” bag as another hand bag. I mean why(you think) will she be talking about anything else other than an absolutely awesome handbag?
  • Stuff your bags completely! Space utilisation is definitely the way to go. I mean why would you waste space which you can fill it with 3 kinds of shower gels which are the absolute essentials. Actually, you can ‘make-do’ with two kinds of shower gels but what will you do when you get bored of both of them?
  • Always carry things in full-size because your plane might decide to land on water and you’ll be stranded on an island, just the way Tom Hanks was in ‘Castaway’ and you’ll have no shop to buy your favourite brand of body lotion, nearby.(I know it crashed but I cannot go on explaining how I don't mean any harm when I say,"When your plane crashes..")
  • Make sure you have packed everything you need and especially everything you don’t need.
  • Pack a lot of books and magazines because nothing causes excess baggage the way books do and although, everyone has switched to Kindle/Ipads, you have vowed to not contribute to the riches of  Amazon/Apple because you don’t like the letter A/you are plain broke/you have no boyfriend or husband who  would gift these/you have decided to become a socialist.
  • If you’re one of those who cannot make up their mind about what to pack and what to leave out, always wait until the last moment to pack and you’ll be surprised by the clarity that strikes you when you have a train/plane to board in 3 hours.