Monday, February 27, 2012

Online Shopping with BeStylish - Review ,Wedges & More

I think almost all of you know I have a shoe hoarder syndrome. I buy and buy and buy.Sadly, (or should I say luckily for my pocket?) my shoe size prevents me from buying all the beauties that I see. It's kind of hard to buy pretty shoes when the SA tell you to check out the Men's section just for a pair of flip flops?Although, I don't mind it as much now, in fact, I have started asking questions like, "What's the last shoe size in this brand?", "Which is the last size  you stock?", etc. Let me tell you one thing, feet too big or feet too small, there are always pretty and/or sexy shoes out there waiting to be found.So, don't you ever let those SA make you feel bad about your shoe size because they're only trying to cover up the fact that their shop doesn't have it.

Now, coming back to even browsing the site makes me happy. I have spent a lot of time drooling over a lot of shoes but couldn't  get myself to buy anything.Few days ago I saw a yellow coloured shoe which made my heart melt and the price made me even happier. I went ahead and bought it.

Payment options: Payment gateway by CCavenues, it has all the usual options of Credit card, debit card, net banking,COD

Ships to: India

My Experience while buying:
I bought the shoes and they were delivered in a box which was packed inside the tamper-proof envelope of BeStylish and even though, I am in Maharashtra, where there is Octroi applicable, I didn't have to pay any.

Return:To be eligible for returning any product, the value has to be 300 INR or more and the shoes should be unworn, unwashed and undamaged.After they pass the quality check, your money will be refunded. A return request can be placed using the bestylish account or by calling them up within 100 days of the purchase.( I got the shoes for 355 INR, thank god they were more than the limit!)

Gorgeous wedges and size 8 and still my size 7 feet wouldn't fit into them:(

My Experience with Returning the Shoes:
I bought the shoes and these were only the second yellow coloured shoes that I have ever bought but much to my dismay THEY WERE NOT MY SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only way I could fit into them would be if I cut my toes or something?!

**********************Please read this part before buying anything from there******************

Well, so I mailed them but I didn't get any response so I logged into my account and placed a return request. Then, I waited for some more days for them to schedule a pick-up. Finally, I called them on the helpline (it is toll free btw, but it is still a headache to call !) and I told a girl about my problem, she said no pick up request has been booked( Then why is there an option to place a return request on the account?). She gave me Blue Dart's Pune number and the centralised account number for BeStylish and asked me to place a pick up request myself since, she was unable to book it for me. I took the number and called Blue Dart but the numbers were *always* busy.Finally, I called again and I was told that I should send the shoes back via SPEED POST and the money will be refunded.I told the lady that there is no counter nearby so, could she please book me a return request. She said it will take 2-3 working days....I said, fine as long as you're booking it.(This was 24th Feb 2012). I went to a Blue dart counter and asked if they'll be able to take a package and bill it to the centralised account number, they told me they couldn't but gave me the customer care number of Blue Dart. I called Blue Dart but the lady on the other side couldn't book a request as well and she said I could just drop it off at the counter and it will be fine. I went to the nearby counter again and they said, " If you can give an authorisation letter from beStylish duly signed then we can do it because we happen to be a cash counter of Blue dart." After all this, needless to say, I was very very very very annoyed.

Finally, yesterday I wrote the whole story on their facebook page and today, I got a call from Blue Dart asking me when can they come and pick the package up. FINALLY! I hope they turn up.

In the meanwhile, I was also thinking about giving these shoes in a giveaway but since I couldn't give an exact description of the size, I'd to refrain from doing it!


Points to Remeber While Shopping from BeStylish(or any other site which sells shoes!):
  • Unless you're absolutely sure about your shoe size in that brand, don't buy the shoes. It would be better if you could go and try the shoe in some store before buying it( defeats the purpose of shopping online, I know! but you'll still get the discount, right?)
  • Check the Shoe Size convention that the brand follows as well as the one the site follows.

Why you should buy from BeStylish:
  • Discounts.
  • As far as delivering the package was concerned, the service was good.
  • Variety.
  • The package will be nicely packed.
  • They take care of the taxes and everything so you don't have to shell out money. 
Things that need a lot of improvement:
  • Return requests needs to be looked after, obviously!
  • They need to normalize the shoe sizes so that a shoe with the size 8 mentioned actually turns out to be an 8.(The shoe I bought was size 8 except I have no idea what kind of size 8 it is since it won't fit me and I usually wear size 7 RBK/ 8 Adidas) 

Final Recommendation:  A shoe which fits you at the retail price is any day better than a shoe which won't fit you at discount! And yes, you can buy from them just make sure you know your shoe size.

**Blue dart is  a courier service.