Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I have done a lot of things last year which I never ever thought I'd do.I made some choices of gigantic proportions and I still don't know how they are going to turn out. I have shopped from 3 continents without moving an inch from my place. I have exceeded the credit limit, in my defense it wasn't me alone but yes, I was the one who swiped the card so the blame was on me. I changed bases. Traveled a lot. Surprisingly, I did not meet anybody *new* but met the ones I hadn't seen for a long time and who still don't fail to bring a smile to my face. Got addicted to nail polishes.Learned to differentiate between the buttons so that I could post comments in many languages.Did things just because I believed in them and some because they were outrageous to begin with! And, finally, got to know a lot of great people through the blog.

Most importantly, the world has not ended:P

So, how was 2011 for you?

Happy 2012!!

You'll be seeing some changes on the blog in 2012 and I hope you'll like them! 

The coke ad for 2011-English Version!

The Coke ad for 2012-Indian Version!