Sunday, December 01, 2013

Butterfly Pink - Grey Peep Toe Flats

I buy shoes to keep myself happy, but I do have to pay the rent and eat; so, I look for deals online.
Moreover, thanks to e-commerce website, I don't have to move out of the house to look at shoes and I just have to go to work in order to get them. Anyway, I have made a lot of blunders in shoe-shopping even though I do a lot of research before buying any new brand online. To make the matter worse, more and more brands keep coming up with no standard sizing. I ended up buying some flats which were supposed to be size 41 but, they were size 38, at best.

I am going through a, " I will buy all the shoes with bow on them" phase. I took a chance with these peep-toes from Butterfly and bought a size 41 just to be safe. The shoes were cute and inexpensive, a must-buy combination.

These shoes are muted pink and the picture above has been taken with a flash, hence the bright pink. The upper material is synthetic and muted silver or grey( whatever you want to call it).

FYI: Just for reference, I wear a Reebok size 7 and a standard size 40 fits me. However, Butterfly's size 41 is more like my size.