Thursday, November 14, 2013

Experience - Foodhall

At home, we have developed a recent obsession where, we watch all the food channels all the time. The only other show worth watching right now is Bigg Boss. I really enjoy the ridiculousness of it all. Anyway, I recently checked out a new store called Foodhall at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune. They had a lot of hard to find things (in Pune, at least) like marshmallows and Avocados. You can even get Guacamole made at the store if you buy their Avocados, that too free of charge! They even carry different varieties of Paneer( cottage cheese), baked bread loaves and cup cakes.

If like us, you are into trying out all the TLC and Food channel recipes then, you can definitely go looking for the ingredients.

If you don't mind spending, you could consider buying these potted herbs.

This was something that was made by spinach and goat cheese. Delicious! ( I was freaked out by the fact that the cheese had been made by Goat's milk,  but oh well! )