Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Flipside Flip-Flop Combo

This time, I did really need a pair of slippers because the one I have from Puma has this suction-kind of a sole which makes a ridiculous noise while walking on tiles. I still don't understand why would they sell slippers such as mine for INR 499. Although, when I bought it, I figured it would have a better grip but, I slip more frequently compared to my normal rate.

Anyway, I was planning to buy only a pair of flip-flops which was for some 200 INR and then I saw this combo for INR 299. Obviously, there is only one thing better than a pair of cute slippers ; i.e. two cute pair of slippers. I had never before heard of Flipside  but, I decided to take a chance.

I was happy when I received the combo as the slippers were like the ones in the picture ( I bought these online).  I started using the white one AND the print came off in a day!  If you don't mind wearing flip-flops that  fade in a day and start looking like you have been using them for at least half a year or so, you can try these.  I could argue that they were for 150 INR (effectively) but, we do get much better stuff on the foot-path. There are two consolations- they don't make that annoying noise while walking and they don't slip (not yet, at least).