Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why am I Broke : Aiwaieen!

I have just had Paneer Tikka Biryani from Faaso's and after my specifically telling the guy taking the order,"I want the biryani spicy.", he paid no heed!  It's not it was stale or something was wrong with it but it was tasteless and I just don't approve of piling on the calories without good enough taste to justify it. Moving on, I have found my perfect companion...for shopping I mean and we have been spending a lot of time browsing shops both online and offline. Here are just some of the things that I bought.

I found these glitter covered headbands in a small shop and I bought a blu-ish grey and pink-ish one while

she got one in silver(not shown here). They were all worth some 20-25 bucks or so ( that'd be a little more than a dollar for 3 of the bands). A little thicker variation of these was also available but their bling value was a bit too much for me.

I got these elastic-ties which had multicoloured bands stuck together. They are ideal if you like matching your hair accessory with your clothes + you don't have to hunt for the right shade. I got these from a chain called Much More in Pune.They were a pair for 20.

Click to enlarge.

The pair with frilly bands was some 30 bucks. The multicoloured ones were low in stock so I got every variation available.

And, now, I will go back to bring my sick-cold ridden-self.