Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Book Review: The Krishna Key By Ashwin Sanghi

The book has been written by the author of Rozabal Line and Chanakya's Chest.I had not read either of Ashwin Sanghi's books so I didn't expect anything in particular.

The book is about a key which is composed of 4 seals which when set into a ceramic plate meant to hold it,
point you towards ...well ....something. The reason I am saying "something" is that the definition of the supposed treasure changes over the journey of finding it. The book is about the journey of  historian Ravi Mohan Saini, his realization about how his roots lie in one of the  yadava tribes (Krishna was a yadav too!) and how he figures out what the key points to after overcoming some deadly and some not so deadly blocks.He is also chased by a serial killer who considers himself the 10th avatar of Krishna, the one who was supposed to be born in Kalyug.

What I thought of the book:

Like I said, I didn't expect anything because I had not read any of the previous book. The book was a pleasant surprise- it was well-researched and fast paced. I have read or seen my share of mythology and history but the way Ashwin has woven the story, it does become hard to separate the facts from fiction(yes, it is that good!). In fact, it was hard to put the book down once I had started it. Every chapter starts with some text from Mahabharat in italics and then it moves on to the present scenarios.

Dan Brown's DaVinci code sent  hoards of people to Louvre  and this book will have every Indian trying to remember what they noticed when they visited one of the places mentioned in the book. There are a lot of intricate details in the books which are accompanied by images. It was like a rollercoaster ride until the author decided that he needed to go into details of love story between the protagonist and a lady(I won't ruin the surprise). It would have been fine if he had just let them walk into the sunset without getting into details.

Verdict: If your kind of fiction is about mysteries which involve history, you will definitely like reading this book. The author won't disappoint you with the amount of research that he has put into it and you can definitely skin the pages full of lurve! They are not that many any way!

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