Friday, September 28, 2012

Desserts At Hyatt's The Cafe And a Rant [Picture Heavy]

Now, I could have written lunch at The Cafe but I have this almost hazy memory of eating the salad and the main course and glorious, full of firework memories of desserts ( See the Firework video by Katy Perry to understand what I mean).

People just have 'a sweet tooth' but I seem to have a jaw full of sweet teeth if some such thing exists. In case you didn't get it, I like food but I love desserts.  What I enjoyed at The Cafe was a buffet and I also got to meet couple of people but all I seem to remember is FOOD.

I had the cake shown below, I think it was Chocolate Truffle and it was really mushy and nice.

Look at the lovely mesh they made out of white chocolate.

The cake below was some white chocolate cake but I don't remember it exactly.It looks awesome, no??

The cake below is something which looks really nice but I didn't get to try a single piece of it. It was over by the time I came around to having desserts *sob*

L-R: Ras Malai (Or something like that), Mango Mousse (I think) and Chocolate Mousse (for sure)

This is my plate of desserts. The guy who served me the ice cream must have been expecting me to take 2-3 scoops hence, the large bowl which more than covered  my plate. The ice cream that I had was Fig and Honey and it was beyond this world, seriously.  This and the white chocolate mud cake (the brown one with something sprinkled on top) are my favourites.

The Chocolate Mousse stands alone, it had something which tasted a bit coffee-ish and not sweet in the last layer but everyone else was done with their food so I had no time to determine what exactly it was (Also, the buffet time was over and the whole place was vacant save our table).

 I am a vegetarian but I heard the lamb was good except when I  was told that, images of a fluffy lamb flashed before my eyes.....I was meant to be a vegetarian, I guess!!

Shown below is some Paneer preparation which I had but I don't remember its name.

This is the nice lady who tossed my salad for me! [ My only attempt at eating healthy!]

The things that were tossed.

Location: The Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Pune.

Pictures which have not been watermarked, belong to Biswajit Dey.