Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I am Broke: Introduction

This is actually a haul post but calling a haul, a haul is no more realistic! Hence, the new name, Why I am Broke!' So, what do you think about the new name?

This post is called introduction mainly because I bought some very daily routine kind of stuff.

Here's  what I bought:

  •   Lux Peach and Cream Shower Gel (Mainly because it had a loofah free with it!)
  • Vaselin Total Moisture Cream (The lotion was not impressive at all but the cream was better and it was 40 gm for 38 INR)
  • Jolen Bleach (I have no frigging idea why I picked this up because I don't even *uses* a bleach!)
  • Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream (I wanted to try this for a long time. That Total Repair 5 shampoo has not done my hair any good!)
  • Nivea Whitening with Licorice extracts (It had a Lip Gloss free with it, how could I not buy:P)
  • Vega Professional Foundation Brush PB-17 from Violetbag because they had the 400 INR brush for 340 INR and it would have been criminal to not buy it. This brush looks like  #187 from MAC but I still have to see how well it works!

 And.............. Cheeselings :P