Sunday, November 06, 2011

My Black Square-Toed Heels From Khadim.

I wasn't planning on buying any more shoes because I ....errr... don't have any space for them but every time I find a shoe that fits my ( RBK- 7, Bata-7, UK- 40) feet, I start feeling like a thirsty person who found water in a desert. Khadim  is a very affordable brand which actually lasts a long time. I bought my first pair from them last year (Click here to see it) and I have been abusing them ever since! The only problem is that they have limited number of stores but they're opening new ones all over India. They offer last shoe size 8 for females which is *cough cough* my shoe size.

The heel is square, so it distributes the weight quite evenly so you can wear these shoes for a long comfortably and it is winter time so your feet will be cozy too!

Price: 329 INR ( So, now you know why I bought these:P)


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