Saturday, May 12, 2012

Enchanteur Body Mist in Romantic and Charming - Review

Enchanteur is a product of Unza and marketed in India by Wipro. I had reviewed the hand and body moisturisers from the range here.  I also got the body mists from the range in both the fragrances; Charming and Romantic.

My Experience:
Both Charming and Romantic have floral fragrances and they are both strong as well as long lasting. In the sun, the sun lasts for 4-6hours otherwise they last a good 10 hours. I used them directly on my skin and I did not feel any irritation. I personally prefer the lotions because their fragrance is more evenly applied and lasts longer. The cans have a plastic cap.

Price: INR 99 for 75 ml

Availability: Easily available

Enchanteur is  manufactured in Malaysia, so even if you cannot afford a trip, you can definitely afford this;)

**Sample but the opinion is honest.