Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Darling Diva Polish - Electric Sex- Swatches

Electric Sex from Darling Diva Polish is such a ...such a...such a gorgeous polish. I have been trying to click its picture for some good two hours and no picture does enough justice to it.

About Darling Diva Polish:
Darling Diva Polishes are creations of Carrie. She makes these gorgeous polishes which are actually affordable (If you know anything about the prices which go around for a bottle of polish in the polish circuit, you would know exactly what I am talking about the moment you check out her shop!) These polishes retail from her Etsy store. (Click HERE to check out Darling Diva Polish's store)

About Electric Sex:
Electric Sex is a black jelly which is full of gold and holographic hexagonal and bar glitter. Every time you move your hand, you see a different combination of holo-ey goodness.  I have clicked pictures of Electric Sex over a black creme and on its own.

Application:  The polish goes on to your nail very smoothly. It is so very full of glitter that you won't find yourself fishing for glitter!

Electric Sex - On its own- 3 coats- No top Coat

Number of coats required?
If you want to use the polish on its own, you will need 3 layers.
Over a another polish? You just need one coat of this holo-ey glitter-y goodness. [ I prefer using it over another polish because I believe in sustainable living, ya know? ;) ]

Price: USD 8 for 15ml

I had to make collage because there were so many images and I still feel none of these does enough justice to the polish.

Over black creme- Natural Light-No Flash- 1 coat of Electric Sex- Please ignore the dry cuticles?

On its own - With flash.

*Sample but my opinion is honest. I make it a point to test every product before writing a review.