Friday, October 12, 2012

Orly Gumdrop Swatch and Review

A friend of mine was coming down from US and all I wanted was some polishes! It's not like that brands like Orly and CG are not available in India but the price they usually ask for is well...ridiculous!

I had been obsessing about some  mint creme all summer and I chose Orly Gumdrop when she
asked me what I wanted.Since, this is the first Orly polish that I am reviewing on the blog, I will be a bit descriptive.

Application, Consistency, etc:
Gumdrop is neither too thick nor thin and I like the Orly cap although, I don't feel it gives you a better grip.Can I just say...the polish is so much better in application then some of the brands we get in India that I feel it was definitely worth spending extra money on!

Lasted For: About a week and then I got bored of wearing it so removed it!

Sadly, I ended up chipping nail of my third finger as well as the skin underneath with a peeler. Talk about tragedy!