Thursday, October 25, 2012

Havaianas Mania - It's Always Summer!

For somebody who is as footwear-crazy as I am, brands like Havaianas are great for the feet but with their wide range of offerings, you end up wanting to buy in multiple(not that great for the finances,you  know!).However, we need to find solace in the fact that Havaianas are the only thing featured on the Paris runway that most of us can afford to buy!

The first pair of Havaianas was born in 1962. It was inspired by the Zori, typical Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles. It is for this reason that the foot-bed of all Havaianas have a textured rice pattern, one of its many unmistakable features. What's more? Instead of  offering just the ladies, they offer flip flops for everyone! They also have some shoes and rain boots and I am particularly smitten by a pair in blue with a small slipper-shaped charm.

I am just $ 50 away from these:)

I was just browsing their site and they even have the option to design your own flip flops.(Click here to try the feature out). You can pick everything from the colour of the sole to pins that you want on the strap.( I would like to have silver stars on the strap, if any one feels like giving me something, you know!)

My attempt....can you see the four silver stars?

They even offer bridal collection which are encrusted with Swarovski crystals, pearls, bows and what-not!(Click on the image to check the bridal collection out.)

Which one is your favourite?? If I had to prioritize, I would get the shoes with the charm first mainly because of the charm!