Monday, August 13, 2012

The Bourne Legacy - The Movie Review

So, umm, well, I don't really remember why I agreed to see this movie in the first place but I did.  I have this theory about how if you start writing a trilogy, you should alwaysssssss stop at book number 3. Always. The same goes for the book which inspired this movie.

If you have read or seen anything from the Bourne series previously, this movie won't make your world rock!    
There is no Matt Damon(yes, I like him) but Edward Norton (who looks very old in the movie, and when I said that, I got but "dude, he really is old" in response :|  ) and there is that fellow from The Avengers who dresses in black and goes around with bows and arrows ( I always forget his name!).

The first half was a bit too slow and the second half was like whoooooooooooosh! and The End. This was again a movie which had a abrupt kind of ending, as if the producers also realised  that putting more money into the movie would be ridiculous.

Also, if you are going to see the movie, please read the plot summary on Wikipedia so the movie actually makes some sense. We spent a lot of time gaping at screen, waiting for all of it (or any of it) to make sense.

Why did I go? That too on a weekend? Oh! Because roomie said it  has a good rating on IMDb. I seriously need to get an account on IMDb and save people from trauma! day!

P.S- I am not saying the movie was bad.....I am just saying there were better uses of both my time and money(actually, I didn't pay for my ticket but that's a negligible detail!).