Friday, August 24, 2012

Presenting: The Insane Blog Hop!!

I am kind of...sort of...obsessed with the word Insanity and I really couldn't think of any other name! I had asked on the facebook page, if you will be interested in a Blog Hop and some of you said, here it is!

This Blog Hope is going to be a weekly affair.

How It Works:(All rules except point number 2 are mandatory to make this blog hop a success)

  1. Follow Circular Insanity via GFC .
  2. Follow Circular Insanity on Facebook and/or Twitter.Since, Blog Hops are all about getting your blog kick started, leave me a comment regarding where you have followed and I will return the favour. Even if you had your kick start, I will still return the favour.
  3. Submit your link.(By clicking on Add Your Link button at the bottom of the post, you can submit your link.)
  4. Grab a banner button.
  5. Talk about this blog hop on twitter, blog, facebook, etc because the aim of this blog hop is to get as many people as possible so you can increase your fan following. You can post about this or share the links as many times as you like.
  6. Follow at least 5 other people and leave a comment on their blogs/pages telling them you found them through this blog hop.(5 is not too big a number and you'll be making 5 bloggers happy too!)

Pick one of the banners below and share it on your blog:
  (All you have to do is place the code mentioned in grey  in the HTML section of your post and/or copy-paste the test into the HTML/Java Script widget in blogger for putting it up on the side of your blog  OR you can also save these images and load them with a link to this page using the photos widget.)