Friday, August 31, 2012

Hogging Away To Glory!

We got this 50% off deal at a Pancake-Waffle place nearby. I bought two coupons and they were each worth 249 INR and we could order upto 500 INR. There were 4 of us and we practically  started eating like we have not seen food for a week/we will not be eating for next one week/ we have seen food for the first time in our lives.

For all the Pune people, I would have mentioned the link of the coupon but it became unavailable today. Was it because of the way we at? I don't really know but we expect everyone to do equal justice to the food and the coupon.

At times, I just forget that I am blogger so, I didn't end up taking any pictures but you should be happy I am not torturing/tempting you with food pictures! Finally, a friend of mine took a picture of Waffles which were covered with ice cream in 3 flavours and whipped cream and caramel and chocolate sauce and hazelnuts and sugar confetti! It was called By and For Sinners and 4 of us could not finish it....maybe it was because of the two veg cheese burgers with fries, potato wedges with Mayo sauce,  corn and onion pancakes, one cheese omelette, 3 lemon ice teas and one green coloured mocktail that we had before?Btw, we got it packed ( which was after I suggested asking if they will let us take the plate away and we can return the next morning).