Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Revlon Nail Enamel in 430 Get Reddy

While typing this, I realised 430 and Get reddy rhymes!

I have been lazing around a lot lately, hence, no posts. I got this Revlon as a part of trio ( I got 3 nail enamels at the price of two).On a very unrelated note, our electricity bill is 3400 INR this month without using a/c and nobody has an idea how we managed so much! Maybe the electricity board doesn't want us to shop? Quite possible. This is the consequence of not living with parents, if only they could move with me where ever I

Coats for Opacity: 2 would be more than enough.

Consistency: Not thick like Revlon Moonlight but not very thin either.

 It looked almost duo-chrom-ish in the bottle but on the nails it is predominantly red with very tiny specks of golden. This is ideal for people who feel a bit uncomfortable with pure red or are plain bored with it.

Price: 130 INR for 8ml or 3 $ approx