Monday, June 25, 2012

Madagascar 3, Arjun The Warrior Prince and The Avengers as an After-thought!

Madagascar 3

Awesome, Awesome movie! I saw it twice, no, wait! scratch that!  I paid to see it twice which is quite a big deal, you know. Loved the 3D effect and everyone who kept saying, " Oh! but it is an animated movie, it is supposed to have good 3D..." had to eat their words.

I am no fan of Katy Perry and that video of Fireworks in which there are crackers coming out of everyone looks more like they are on fire but I love the song and the second time I went, I was subjected to the
company of people who wouldn't let me sing ( taking in consideration that I paid 220 INR for it, I had every right to!). Anyway, I ate my popcorns and stayed happy.

Arjun The Warrior Prince

My friend loves animated movies specially the Lorax and Madagascar kind and she insisted on watching this one so we went! I had seen no promos and I figured out that the story was about Arjun from the Pandavas after the movie started.

It was produced by Disney ( I wouldn't have guessed!) and it had the story of Mahabharat with an obvious emphasis on Arjun's life. A few creative liberties had been taken regarding the story line( or maybe the version of Mahabharat that I had read was different than the one scriptwriter read?). It was a great effort but the ending gave the impression that everyone was tired of the movie and they suddenly pulled the plug.

The Avengers

So, I thought Captain America was cute but then I had second thoughts about it and finally, I decided that the guy who played Hulk was definitely cute. It's not fair how they kept everyone same but keep on changing Hulk. Is it just me? Or Thor did look like Brad Pitt on a budget? Or as my friend's boy friend commented, " He looks more like he swallowed a couple of Brad Pitts." Well, I am no fan of Thor but Iron Man was entertaining as always.

Oh and that supposedly Indian girl who lives in a rut with nothing neat to call her own? She speaks with an accent! I don't know what people were thinking when they cast her to come, act miserable and talk in Hindi because the movie was going to be released in India and we do know when someone speaks in Hindi with a foreign accent! And, as the same friend in the above( Arjun) instance said, " The houses of poor people are clean and not at all the way they have shown!". Well, she is right and being poor and dirty are two different things. Also, if you are poor, you don't really have that many belongings to strew over the floor.

I want to see Brave but I can find no other company because all the imbeciles that I call friends think that movies like Brave are meant for kids. Hmph!