Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Updates and A Coupon Code!

Hello Everyone,  I am bit  busy acting like I am the President of some country or maybe I am just busy buying and selling countries ( I have not yet been able to decide which one is the better option) On second thoughts, I will stick to buying and selling countries, it definitely sounds busier. Anyway, the point is, I have to drag myself to write a post and I spend the whole day writing a post 'in my mind' , so now you know why you don't get to read them;)

More importantly, I have not killed the whole tech tutorial thing and I am glad you people think it is actually useful. There are a lot of other things I want to teach you but writing a good post takes times which I seem to spend tweeting about food, mainly desserts.[ In case you're prone to binging, you did not just read that]

KK Center HK  has offered a discount of  10% for my reader and no, it is not an affiliate code, if you're wondering!

 Coupon Code :   "  Circular  Insanity"
 Valid Upto: Jan 2013
I will be making a banner for this soon but until then, you   can shop using this code. The items worth lusting after would be their colour changing polishes, decals, glow in dark polishes and stickers. They also stock a lot of make up items which you can check out.

Other than that, I have recently reached  600 followers via GFC  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
This definitely calls for a giveaway and you will have a new giveaway in May. I am thinking about letting you people choose your own prize but yes, it will be subjected to a limit( Seriously, I don't have the monetary resources to fund a naked palette :P)

I have discovered a lot of good products and there are hauls which I have not posted about... I will be back with all that when I finally start typing instead of writing posts in my mind!