Thursday, February 02, 2012

Nice Story!

So, nice is another word which is used to fill in *all the blanks*. Just like hmm you can use it anywhere!!

  • Nice is what you say when you don't want to apply your mind.Eg- So I was thinking we should..........blah blah blah and more blah.........what do you think? Nice while you're thinking about 'how in the name of god does it change my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee?'.
  • Nice (pronounced naii-ce) can also be used to show excessive interest.Eg- My guy got me this..... and you say nai-cee, uh hunnnn! while thinking how nice it would be if she could only shut up and let you concentrate on that fellow sitting across!
  • When somebody asks you,"How do I look?" and well, that colour is not *their* colour and it's not like they are your friend that you *have to* tell them the truth!
  • When you meet that boyfriend/girlfriend of your friend and after half an hour, they ask you,"What do you think?" You say,"He/She seemed nice." but in reality you have no frigging idea. I mean asking somebody who cannot make up their mind about what to wear, they sure have high hopes! 
  • When your opinion for something and you're too *nice* to tell the truth and don't feel like lying, well, 'nice' comes to your rescue.

Please note: Nice can also be used when you actually mean it but I am yet to meet somebody who does that.Hmm.

Disclaimer: The thoughts are my own but I refuse to take any responsibility for them.They're not meant to be taken seriously.Read it, laugh at it and forget it!