Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener Review

I was blessed with nice and shiny nails but as it always happens, I liked them but never really bothered about them much.Then came a spell of dish washing and although, I love water, I hate getting wet(Yes, I know that's not one of the sanest things I have said.).I just wish I could afford to live in an Hotel for.ever! No doing the dishes, no worrying about laundry, no hassles whatsoever! So, until I accumulate enough money to foot the Hotel bill, I had to find some cheaper and feasible solution for my peeling, brittle nails.Enters Sally Hansen Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener.


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Packaging: Comes in a frosted glass bottle with a metallic green cap.

Brush:The brush is thin but moves smoothly and gives you more control because it doesn't fan out/expand much.


Ingredients & Directions for Use:

My Experience:

When I was looking for a nail strengthener, this was not my first choice but I had to be satisfied with it because what I wanted was not available. Sally Hansen Green Tea and Bamboo Nail strenghtener is supposed to seal the layers of the nail to prevent chipping, tearing, breaking etc. I have been using it as a base coat and what I love about it is that it makes the nail shine in a natural way unlike some of the other base coats that I have used.

  I use one coat of this and then use my nail polish. My nails are flexible even after using it and the polish also lasts more.There has been a reduction in breaking and peeling but they've not gone away but in all fairness, I have been using it for a month. As a top coat, well, it sucks to put it very mildly. It takes forever in drying up as a base coat, in fact, it even makes the nail color wet and for somebody like me, it is impossible to sit still for an hour or more.

Price: USD 6.99 for 13.3ml

  • As a base coat, quick drying.
  • Reduction in peeling, breaking of nails
  • The brush gives control during application.
  • Can be used regularly unlike some of the other strengthener which tell you not use it often as it can make your nails brittle.
  • If you live in the country of Wallmarts,Wallgreens, etc, easily available.
  • The shine it imparts the nails doesn't look artificial.
  • Decently priced.


  • As a top coat, it is useless because it takes forever to dry and even makes an *already dry* polish wet.
  • As a top coat, it doesn't make the nail polish look glossier(unless of course you're using it over a matte polish)
  • Availability in India is an issue(But you do have those aunts, friends, ex-boyfriends visiting/living in US, right?)
  • Peels off soon on its own.
My Rating:7.9/10 ( minus for availability in India, doesn't work well as a top coat and peels off very soon on its own.)

Recommendation: As you can see, the strengthener is good, but not quite an 8.This does work but it will take time for you to gauge its effect on your nails.It is wayyyyyyyyy better than anything available in India (at the moment)Worth the money? Definitely!