Monday, January 09, 2012

Players - The Movie And Sonam Kapoor

Does this mean I will be reviewing movies as well? Oh! I don't know. But after wasting/spending money and time that could have been much much better used shopping. The movie is official remake of the English movie The Italian Job and because I had not seen the Wiki page, I actually *spent* energy in recognizing it(To be precise, a friend of mine did but I was the one saying it's an English movie's copy, it's definitely picked up but I cannot place it.)
I spent the first half brushing my hair (no kidding!) I just felt that was the better use of my time apart from eating a large popcorn and drinking coffee( I just don't understand why they don't have a large coffee as well). I also noticed what Sonam Kapoor was wearing in the movie, since the first part had just that, silly songs and Sonam Kapoor wearing designer clother and some acting but I cannot quite place who was acting in the first part:P Also, the movie is full of what-the-fuckery (excuse the language but there is just no better way of putting it).

Sonam Kapoor  went for the grunge look in terms of clothing quite a lot. I personally feel she can carry them off with no trouble.Whenever I look at her all dressed up, I think of the happiness when you fit into clothes that you loved or alternatively, you fit into clothes that you could never fit into before(If you're skinny and you've always been skinny, you will never know this happiness!).I would have never noticed such details but since I've become a blogger, I have *very suddenly, mind you* developed this radar which catches a lot of details if not everything.There was a lot of heavy eye makeup and nude lips for her except that one song with Neil Nitin Mukesh in which she went for red lips. She wore asymmetrical  earrings, which basically means you wore two different earring/studs in your ears which have some trait and sometimes no trait in common. She wore a black coloured cross and black round stone studs. Although, I 'd still say asymmetrical earrings look like you misplaced the actual pair and/or ended up wearing a something else on the other ear.

The second part was much better and there were scenes which were hilarious except for some reason, only us and the people sitting right behind us laughed at it!

The action sequences were very much passable at places, nothing which stood out (Don 2 was much better in terms of execution!) Also, this is very much my opinion, an aunty coming out noted that she had seen a good action movie after such a long time and somebody said, there was Don 2 and she said this is much better(I beg to differ of course, mainly because I did not come out of Don 2 with a headache).

Somewhere near the climax, Abhishek says something like," Tum bhul gaye ki aakhiri twist hamesha villain ka nahi Hero ka hota hai"  Heights of cheesiness, I tell you but I had a good laugh over this!

Rating:(Oh! yes, of course, I am going to rate it!) 2.5/5