Monday, December 12, 2011

Neutrogena Hand Cream Review

I have acquired a recent obsession with hand creams. My hands have always  been a bit hard, specially for a girl which is quite an advantage if I want to hit somebody but otherwise it is not an ideal situation . This winter my hands started peeling as well. If you tried judging me just by my hands, I am pretty sure you would say I worked as a housekeeper or maid(which btw, would not be that far from reality taking in the amount of house-work I end up doing).

I tried Jergens Hand and Cuticle Cream, which was fine until the 'real' winter came along! I bought Neutrogena Hand Cream (Concentrated) perfumed version but I did not have high hopes. Neutrogena Hand Cream also comes in a fragrance free version.


My Experience:
Initially, I hadn't noticed that the seal of the box was broken and when I did, paranoia kicked in( you know how someone might have tried the cream before me and how I wouldn't be able to judge if I was left with 20gms instead of the 56, etc etc). Then, I opened the screw lid and Surprise, Surpirse!  the tube comes with a silver peel-off  seal on the top.

I took a small quantity of it because I wanted to judge how much is enough. Now, it might be because my hands were peeling-dry or my palms are BIG, I needed to take the quantity shown below for one time use. It looks a lot but in fact, it is less than the other hand creams that I've used. It looked thick but it was absorbed quickly and no more peeling hands ever since(Yay!!). The fragrance is nice but a bit strong but I don't mind it because with my lotion, hand cream, foot cream routine, it is bound to get lost.

Thick, translucent and when I first saw it, I thought of petroleum jelly! It gets absorbed easily.

240 INR for 56 gm/ 4.49 USD

  • Easily absorbed.
  • Thick but spreads easily.
  • It works! What else do you want?
  • Tube packaging.
  • The content doesn't leak.
  • Available in both with fragrance and fragrance-free version.
  • Flip-top cap, hello??
  • Availability.
  • According to the Vegetarian Site   and PETA, Neutrogena (Johnson and Johnson) tests its products on animals.

My Rating:
8.5/10 (Minus for availability and testing on animals)