Friday, December 09, 2011

Face Mapping: Acne Tells You What's Wrong With Your Body

Meet my masterpiece! I am positive that Dali would have accepted me as his apprentice after seeing this , if only for its fun value. 

Now, that you've laughed to your heart's desire, let's get on with the real topic..

Your face acts like a reflection of the condition of your internal organs.All of us know if there is a zit, there is something wrong. Mostly, that something wrong is a late night, too much of alcohol or  sleeping with your make up on. There is another alternative theory that the 'location' of your pimple on your face tells you which part/ organ of your body is not functioning properly. The face has been divided into zones and each zone reflects the state of different organs.

  1. Zone 1 & 3-  This basically means your forehead. This reflects the state of your bladder and digestive system. Breaking out frequently here? You need to drink more water and consume more roughage.
  2. Zone 2- The area between the eyebrows reflects the state of your liver. So, a zit there means you need to cut your rich food consumption, alcohol intake and probably a food allergy.
  3. Zone 8 & 9- The eyes. Dark circles are very much related to your routine but this area indicated the state of kidneys like poor elimination or dehydration.
  4. Zone 4&7-The ears are again related to kidneys.Hot ears? You might be stressing too much, cut down caffeine and alcohol and drink plenty of water.
  5. Zone 5&6- The cheeks are related to respiratory distress. I personally break out a lot in this area because of my allergies and of course, our soul mate, pollution. Smokers also experience congestion and broken capillaries in this area.
  6. Zone 10- The nose and the upper lips. Redness on the nose can be related to high blood pressure but it can also indicate rosacea (Click here to find out about Rosacea on Wikipedia) For rest of the lazy people, roasacea refers to redness on the face and it is usually harmless unless it affects the eyes.Upper lips can break out if you use lip liners or lipsticks which clog the pore. It can also happen if you have waxed or threaded the area(personal experience again!).
  7. Zone 11 & 13-This is not exactly an high alert area. You'll break out if you've gone through some extensive dental surgery.
  8. Zone 14- The skin of the neck is as soft as the face so do take good care of it. If you notice the neck is darker than the skin than it might reflect your tendency to catch cold a lot and not the whole 'Oh! you don't scrub your neck well'.
  9. Zone 12-This is related to hormonal imbalance.Also, if you binge eat at night right before going to bed, be ready to say hello to zits in this area in the morning.Exercise for 20 minutes a day and take a balanced diet and life will be a zit free ride.

Don't forget, dirt, grime,pollution and bacteria will always play their part!