Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Picks for the Winter From Vanilla Moon

In general, I like everything that Vanilla Moon makes but here are some of the shoes that I like better than the others! Since, winter is knocking on the the door, I thought I will pick shoes which will make you look chic but save your feet as well.

I love color blocks! These shoes, specially the pink one will make your feet look dressier. But these shoes won't go well with everything. Hence, we come to my next pick for the season,

Black Pumps! They never go out of season, they never look out of place! You can wear them anywhere and you can pair them up with anything. They were invented (according to me) to make life simpler!!
But you still have to work, so we move on to the perfect work shoes. They are comfortable so you can wear them whole day but they are still cute.

Are they not absolutely drool worthy?If you are looking for something a bit more formal, Vanilla Moon has "Honey" named slip ons but I personally don't prefer them over echo. Finally, we move on to the sexy boots! Vanilla Moon offers variety in boots too but I have found my soul-mate :P

Looking for the store in your city? Find them here

Your city is not there? Buy them Online at here!

Disclaimer: Nobody paid me to write this post( I wish they did, though)


  1. Like grey-black Jocelyn but I have my heart set on lacie mid brown ballerinas.

  2. @nirah, go ahead girl..this is the season to shop ;)

  3. For last couple of years all I wanted to buy were heels (I couldnt for medical reasons).
    Now that I can and I need for the coming weddings all I want are ballerinas.

    Need v/s want!!

  4. In my case nirah, want wins...I am broke again from shopping:( do check out some wedges too... I got a lace ballerina from Mumbai from some shop in Bandra and all I do is stare at them :P


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