Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nail Stickers:Easiest Way to Get the Perfect Nail Art

I can draw but my skills are very much limited to pencil and scale diagrams.I can paint my nails but drawing something on it is not my cup of tea.... If you are like me, there is an easy way to get that perfect nail art without any trouble at all.

Presentinggg  nail stickers, all you have to do is stick them on your nails.Get them in 3D or plain and simple flat stickers!

These are flat stickers from two brands:

 Available at: Wallgreens

 Price: $ 3 (approx) for about 120 flat stickers

How to Use
          Apply polish or topcoat if desired. Let dry 
          Peel sticker from paper and place on desired position.
          Layer stickers to create your look.
          Apply top coat. Let dry

Available at: Stores( Online and Instore)

Price: $ 8(Approx) for 400 stickers

How to Apply Fashion Diva Nail Art:
1. Peel sticker from sheet and place on nail
2. Apply topcoat to seal

How to Remove Nail Art
Wipe off nail art using polish remover.You may have to rub hard to get the design to disappear.


  1. oh but what if wallgreens is not available in india :-? :P

  2. Then you can easily move to US:P


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