Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Fimo Canes - What Are They Anyway And How I (Mis)Use Them

I was jobless or as they say, between jobs, when I used all my time to research on web shopping portals/ online shopping sites/ e-tailers or whatever it is that you call them!

On one such spree, I came across Fimo sticks which are made from non-toxic polymer except, I would have described them as stickers which could be sliced in desired thickness and used anywhere.

Courtesy : Born Pretty

They were also reallllllllllllllly cheap, specially in comparison to nail stickers which had glue on their back and I figured, I could manage without glue, right?

I bought some fimo canes because they were really cute and when they were finally delivered, I forgot all about them because you need to slice them evenly to use them properly. Not rocket science but well, it does require attention span of more than a few seconds!

Well, I did get around to using them and the picture below will show you what I did. I just put them over wet nail enamel and they stuck to their place and they looked lovely!

You can buy some here!

 This is the only clean shot which could be posted on the blog and since, I never tried sticking those things again to my nails, I have no alternative. Hence, no photography criticism, okay?

One slight problem? Not very practical to use them when you are going to use your fingers a lot and for me it was a bit uncomfortable too so I kept them on for 2 hours.