Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Am I Broke : The Shoe(s) story!

If you have even given my blog a cursory glance, you are bound to notice my lurveeee for shoes. I have not written any "Why Am I Broke" post for a very long time !( This is my fancy name for haul posts, in case you didn't know). No, this piece of information is not related to the actual topic.

 Now, these shoes themselves were not expensive, at all but I was broke to begin with!  I went in search of the nude flats by Khadim (which you can see here and yes, they are worth seeing!)  but they were out of

stock and I really needed  shoes so I went in to Bata store only to "browse" but came out with two pairs!

Both the shoes are absolutely flat. At times, I do feel like I am wearing socks instead of shoes!

The Black ones:  Material: It looks a bit like velvet.
Variants: Hot red ( which I loved but no point of buying the same shoe in different colours.......alas, sense prevailed and I did not buy the red one)

Price: INR 399

Note: That silver print kind of thing on the inside soul starts coming off in a few days.

Now, I remembered, I actually went to buy shoes because the sandals that I was using were leather and it was almost rainy season. Hence, the next purchase:

Material: I don't know what it is made of  but it sure looks like plastic + something. It even has glitter which shows up in the second picture.

Colour Variants:  Pink(muted), Green(alost muted), White, Pale Brown and a transparent one with a silver bow and a bit of heel. The tranparent one has a zig-zag design while the rest of the shoes have the same design as the show below.

Price:  INR 299 ( I had to stop myself from buying the pink or green because of the same how-many-shoes-of-the-same-kind-can-you-buy?)

I don't even remember when I last published a post that 'I' had written!  Anyway, if you have read  this far, you might just as well tell me, how have you been doing? ;)