Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winner of 250 Follower Giveaway And Guessing Game for the Next Giveaway!

I know a lot of you were waiting for the result of the 250 Follower Giveaway. Well,  the winner  is ....

#1208 Priyamwadha Naidu for tweeting for the giveaway!

I will be sending you a mail soon and you will have the usual 48 hours to respond.

Update: As Priyamwadha did not respond with in 48 hours, I have chosen a new winner. New winner is Megha Saraf and well, I hope she responds!

As for everyone else, I will be coming up with another giveaway soon and the prize will be something that a lot of you raved about. Any guesses?? I will give +5  for any right guesses and no generic answers please. I want a specific brand name and product.

Also, I have a lot of things lined up but I will still try to start the giveaway soon. I have designed the Rafflecopter widget and everything but I still need to work on the images, so if there is a delay, don't be disheartened and I promise you will LOVE the prizes. (Yes, the prize is in multiples but there will be only  one winner).